Sunday, September 29, 2013

A New Year, A Lot of Fun

I am so excited for this school year! Already, the students and I have quickly gotten to know one another and dove in head first learning. We have been busy practicing our math facts to fluently add and subtract numbers within 20. One strategy is to remember our doubles facts. The children had a great time learning the doubles rap. Check out their version!


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Gotta Start Somewhere....

Teaching is something that I am very passionate about, as well as golfing, shopping, technology, children's books, and now blogging. The truth is, I really enjoy a lot of things and like to combine my interests if ever possible. I started a class website a few years ago on It was a really great way to build a quick and easy site showing parents what we were doing each week. Templates were already in place for me to put events on a calendar, upload photos, documents, and videos. Then, a few months ago I came across several teacher blogs on this site. They were filled with student activities, and teacher ideas while still showing the teacher's personality and standing out. I enjoyed searching the sites so much that I thought I would finally give it a try. has been really good to me, however, I think its time to give this a go. Hopefully, this site will not only serve my students' parents, but also many teachers who can take just as many great ideas from me, as I have learned from them.